the river runs through us

Our genetic makeup is one of the largest predictors of who we turn into. Eye color, hair texture, even personality traits are all wrapped up in DNA. Although our blood doesn’t always predict the future, family history has a way of somehow repeating itself. the river runs through us is a multidisciplinary project that merges photography, psychology and audio. This glimpse, into the lives of five different families, is just the start of an ongoing project about transgenerational trauma.

Lauren, 23, Chicago, IL      Listen To Her Story

Lucinda, 77, Watertown, NY & Kate, 53, Syracuse, NY      Listen To Their Story

Karen, 44, Fairfax, VA & Tom, 11, Syracuse, NY      Listen To Their Story

Maddi, 20, Syracuse, NY      Listen To Her Story

Mimi, 29, Syracuse, NY & Julia, 36, Syracuse, NY      Listen To Their Story

Laura Oliverio

Laura Oliverio is photo editor and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. In her personal projects, Laura blends documentary with art photography and focuses on themes of family.
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